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SubTec Diving Service is a Diving firm with over 20 years of commercial experience in all forms of underwater works. What we can offer under water we can do over water.

Our divers are experienced in underwater cutting, welding and construction. These divers also have secondary training in surveying, NDT and coded welding.

Our equipment is of the best quality on the commercial market, and is always maintained after use, this ensures our clients the highest quality work performed.

We offer general underwater construction and repair in steel, concrete, and wood. We also do all forms of ship inspection.

Our inspection program for all-underwater structures and ships, contains a written report, video survey, and still pictures; this is a standard package for all assignments small or large. This gives our clients a complete view of There structure or ship.

Our inspection program can also includes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

We offer consulting in all underwater work.

SubTec offers:
-All forms of underwater works.
-All forms of underwater construction, and repairs in steel concrete and wood.
-Ships inspections and repair.
-NDT for defects in welding, steel thickness, metal stress, and concrete defects.
-Underwater welding and cutting.
-Underwater video & photo.

SubTec has carried out:
-Harbor construction.
-Anodic protection on all forms of steel structures.
-Concrete constructions.
-Bridge and tunnel works.
-Cable and pipe installations, inspections
-Ship inspections, repairs.
-Germanischer Lloyd Recognized.
-Propeller cleaning and repairs
-Marine Consulting
-Salvage operations up to 2000 BT

Contact us and we guarantee you the best service 24 hours a day.
Contact us and we guarantee you the best service 24 hours a day.
46 15 45 88 - 40 78 31 88