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Subtec performing harbor works in Copenhagen the form anodic protection of sheet pales with 85 kilo anodes.   Subtec forbereder afskæring af de første 100t af de 1200t cofferdam rundt om pylonerne i Storebælt for GBC.   One of our fully stocked firm vans at the job.
Salvaging of 2200-ton vessel in Storebelt, DK. In conjunction with two-shear leg cranes from Smit Tak.   Platform building
  Removal of 500 tons of the 1200 tons of cofferdams in Storebelt, DK.
Some of the professional equipment used by the divers on Storebelt during Seabed cleaning.   Platform building
  Installation of 1000 meters of PEHD piping in Nyhavn and Copenhagen harbor, with assistance of our vessel M/S Auriga as a pipe laying vessel.
Konstruktion af træboldværk   Sea bed cleaning of man made material in and around the East bridge, Storebelt, DK. For GEC Alstholm/SDEM and Coinfra with our support vessel M/S "Auriga".   PEHD pipe welding in our workplace (6-12m)
Cranefundament moving in Storebælt   Work done above water at sea    

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